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Oakland Filipino Therapist and Therapy

Matthew Lindgren serves people from Filipino-American backgrounds as a therapist in Oakland.

Oakland Filipino Therapist

I recognize that there are very few Filipino therapists serving the enormous Filipino population of Oakland and the Bay Area. I have considerable clinical and personal experience working with people from the Philippines, both because I have worked in areas with a large population of Filipino-Americans, and also because I married into a large, active, and extended family of Filipino-Americans.

It can be helpful to work with a therapist who understands your cultural background and "gets" where you are coming from. I have both personal and clinical experience working with people who migrated from the Philippines, as well as with first and second generation Filipino-Americans.

I understand, and enjoy, the tremendous emphasis that Filipino-American people place on family. I think this focus on family gives Filipino-Americans a great deal of resilience and strength. I also honor and respect the emphasis on faith among the Filipino community, and also see this as a great resource for working through difficult times.

Although I am Caucasian, and come from a Midwestern Scandinavian background, I am happy to identify as belonging to the warm and accepting community of Filipinos who call Oakland and the Bay Area home. You are my family. I am honored to serve the Filipino American community, and am happy to help you in any way I can.

Unfortunately, I do not offer services in Tagalog at this time.


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